I'm reading about a campsite which is also an alpine carm. I want that. Looks at me how I flock the animals and how soft the coat is. Unfortunately, it turns out that you do not get close to the animals but it's very good to buy some wool if you want. The Alpackas did not want to take part in the picture.

The campsite is a little remote and I have to go to the community, New Holland's only dinner, a Chinese take away. I go fast back so the food does not get cold. At the crossing of the railway, red light begins to warn and the stony gates are staggering across the road. For a long time, the train comes down, almost as long as it stays.

A man leans through a window in the building to the left and handles a paper to the driver who hangs out in his window. The driver enters the train, the train increases speed and is immediately lost. A very strange experience, a little unrealistic. There I stand with my cold-mouthed china and the gates are opened again. What happened? Never saw anything like that. Perhaps a new way for the railroad's internal mail?

Humber Bridge is the world's seventh longest suspension bridge, 2220 m. I knocked up to the bridge on the right side as the sign showed. Up the right cycle path is turned off. Down again and up the left sled, and there was the cycle path open. Pooh!

It was loud.The sun and the heat have calmed down. It blows a bit and the clouds come and go. I have my wind jacket on for the first time this summer.

I'm a bit conspicuous in Hessle on the other side of the bridge. Trying to know if it's time for lunch or not.

A man comes and begins to talk. I just have to bike to Beverly according to him. I get the address of a bicycle-friendly pub with rooms. Beverly should also be very nice.
With such good signs and bicycle lanes it's just a stroll. The traffic is quite different north of the bridge. What is happening? Motorists are not trying to drive on me anymore. Lovely.

There are no rooms in Beverly. I find the bicycle friendly dog ​​and duck pub but it is full. You try to help me without success. From there, I'm going to be a little baffling for my first camping in the wild. I do not feel really comfortable in that situation. I pass a hotel where some people are sitting in the restaurant and, oh, yes they have a room. High up, narrow staircase, shared bathroom and full price so there was no wild camping for me. Phew.

There are any races, horses, dogs or cars in Beverly this weekend and everything seems to be fully booked for a long time. Dog and Duck have a room available the next night so I'll have a look around the city.

The Little Church of the City, St Mary's Church. The great cathedral did not get fit. The oldest parts of the cathedral are from 1220.

Do you see the red spot on the tower?

I got no explanation, no one knew why.

The only thing left of the old wall around the city. Based on the 1400 century.


Feel so good

The heat goes on and so I do.

I will follow the cycle path along a canal from Woodhall Spa and then take me on the small roads. I have written the names of the villages I will pass. Just hope that it works so it does not get too much irritating around.

The road along the canal is lovely. Unfortunately, it's too hot for the birds to chase or else this is just my pleasure bike.

The cycle track is on an old railway track. It is noticeable that you put some work on it. Artworks show up a little bit.

The pumphouse reminds you that the duct system has to be managed today.

The heat is taking my cabbage. After leaving the canal and the cycle track, it's flat, fate and nowhere to get away from the sun. No traffic and just arable land around. Long for a long time, about 10 km, an eternity, I feel like I'm coming to Market Rasen, which turns out to be another cute city with older towns and fine shops.

Kissemissen did not want to be flap but just turned around after giving me a superior look.


The red telephone kiosks are still there ..If they have another function today.

More or less half dead I finally find a pub, The Nags Head in Bardney. They have very good cocacola. Likes to have lunch. Carol who cares about the pub and Glen, the customer is committed to helping me find a sleeping place. The closest seems to be in the neighboring village. Carol calls and looks and they have a free room. Just 10 km to cycle. They ask me to wait a little while John drinks and he drives me! He has already loaded Fina. John runs accommodation for people with dementia. His accommodation is one of two throughout Lincolnshire, which has a gold award.

What wonderful people there are. Thanks Carol, Glen and John.

The next day the heat and I continue.

Time for some afternoon coffee. In Howsham, Clayton has its cafeClayton, called something else, knows a B & B nearby and I put it in full swing in the heat.

The Old Barn is located approximately midway between Howsham and Brigg is wonderful. Lovely room with private entrance, amazing bathroom, wifi, tv all the facilities one expects a good B & B and perhaps the most important, great host Ruth and Tom Fowler. They have renovated and built the remains of a farmhouse to something very nice.


It is the season of the fun tan.

Nice must get a new tire. A puncture approaches. Tom, the host of The Old Barn, loads Fina into his car and drives us to Brigg and Sherwood's bike shop. I'm walking in the city while Mr. Sherwood fails with Fina.

It is a marketing day in Brigg and many people are out.

Ruth comes and pick me up when Fina is ready, sneeze and new deck. A good store, Sherwood's bikes.

This is Seb the absolute happiest dog in the world and loves all people, completely unaware of its size.Seb and RuthEmpty and packed Fina

My patio. It seems nice that Vallmon may grow whatever it wants.

Feel so good

Countryside continuation

The heat wave keeps on and I continue my bike ride. I have stayed two days and feel ready. Aiming at Woodhall Spa, a small town that is going to be very nice. It has been awarded the "best preserved place" award for two consecutive years.


It's hot, really hot,So I'm happy about these partiesOr when the sun goes into clouds.

The channel also gives some coolness.

Somewhere along the way. This hot day I suddenly see lots of cars parked at a house. A sign says: strawberry today. I almost run out of water and brake in. A lady invites me to a cup of tea and I come into a hall full of older people who play something with tiles, unknown to me. I'm so hot, sweaty and tired I can not talk until after two glasses of water. Everyone is more delicious. I just wonder, where are everyone from? It is such a foul fun.

Woodhall Spa is not what I imagined.

fDid not seem so very well preserved. Most of the houses were in need of renovation. On the outskirts of the city, on the other hand, Petwood Hotel is completely magical. Built at the beginning of 1900 and incredibly well kept and maintained. During the 2 World War, the house was used by the military, an air base was nearby. A squadron from RAF, Dumbusters lived here, and remains of one of their specially designed bombs are found in the incredible park. I drank tea in what was a fair at that time. The house was amazing indoors. The amazing wall panels were protected during the war by pointed plywood boards. Unfortunately, I do not have any photos from the interior, do not think the guests of the hotel would be in the picture.In the vastly well-tended garden, these bushes were covered with tassels. Wondering what it will be. In the background, the remains of one of the bouncing bombs used by Dumbusters are visible.

Lite Ramlösa Brunn -aktigt.eir


Woodhall Spa is called here as a spa that the Germans bombed completely during the 2 World War. They think they were wrong at Petwood and Woodhall's spa.

Feel so good


There is a heat wave in eastern England now and I have to be stubborn to step on. Runs, drains / fills the water bottles and breaks many times. The sun is gassing all day and the sweat flows. It's no, no to be without sunscreen cream. Nice to have a specials for out-keepers who stay all day regardless of sweat or bath.

Pictures from English countryside, more or less along NCN 1 (National Cycleroute No. 1).

Sometimes the way looks like thisAnd sometimes like this. You never know, whether it's a bike path or a public road. It turns out possible traffic.

A modern pump station I think.

A bit like cycling in the Netherlands

It is important not to miss the signage of the route.No, I will not ride a bike, I must have missed a sign

This sign I think is hysterically fun.View from the tent at Lauren Park Campsite south of Holbeach. Positive and nice camping.In addition to the doves that are in the middle of a breeding season, it is terribly freaking in mornings and evenings. Urk, flying rats call some of them.


Feel so good

Blaxhall - Nowich

The day after irrcykling life, I need to calm down. It will be a walk to make the body realize that it is not just cycling that applies. It will be "kyrkrundan" following suggestions from the staff at the hostel.

It is full of knee pads embroidered with cross stitches in the church benches, not two with the same motif.

 There is an exhibition about the church's renovation. There I find this poem:

A little bad photo, sorry, but I think the poem is nice.

As of an English television series but in reality.

The clock is approaching 2 in the afternoon and I am hungry. Time to have lunch at the pub in Blaxhall, The Ship Inn.

There are quite a lot of people in the inner room at the pub. I want to sit there too.

I see a stand and a banjo. A man cares with his accordion. Two ladies are pulling a chair at the stall and sitting down. The waitress comes in with a full bowl of sandwiches and teapots for all the tables. Suddenly a man at the other end of the room begins to sing. A lady next to him plays harmonica and people sing in the front row. Next trip is a man who plays banjo and sings followed by the two ladies at the venue. Everyone applauds, sings, listens, bites around the sandwiches and drinks tea. I will be asked if I sing or play any instrument. In that case, just starting to get started.

I am sitting in the middle of this community, in a small village on the English countryside with 200-300 residents and just enjoying. It's an adventure I experience. Think so well I have it.

Later, I learn that The Ship Inn has a tradition for a long time in English folk music. Many have performed, different music and vocal groups have been found / found in Blaxhall and both music and movies have been recorded here. Today, everything is being done to keep the singing tradition on pubs running. Here's some more information:


The hostel is full of fun and positive signs, here are some examples

It is fully booked the next night at the hostel so I get back on the roads, now towards Norwich.It costs £ 1000 in fine not to get off the bike and cross the railroad tracks. I think it's best to follow the call and they have £ 1000 for another.

Another lunch pub, this time The White Hart in Halesworth. Refurbished with as much old left as possible.

Does this mean what I think?

STake care of children and animals on their way


Norwich is a busy city traffic. Seems to be free hunting cyclists. I did not dare to ride a bike in town (almost not at all) but pulled Fina with packing up and down for lots of slopes. One gentleman said cyclists had not been in the streets to do because they pay no road tax! That he did not contribute to the environmental damage he did not think about.

I mostly rested but took some pictures:

From the ancient mall.

In Norwich you have to visit the cathedral. I liked most about the children's corner.

The square (one of them) in central Norwich with its stands. It was a bit like an outdoor outdoor hall.That was all for this time. Access to electricity for charging various appliances and internet connection determines when the next post arrives.


Feel so good

England, here I am!

It is with great excitement I cycle the ferry in Harwich. Feeling completely confused in traffic. Following a cycling English family I met on the boat and everything goes well. Soon our roads will be separated and I'll be in the confused state again. Right next door is a motel and I expect they have maps there. They do not have it.

In my easily paralyzed condition, I ask two male cyclists if I check them. Two nice and charming gentlemen who immediately become three when one joins. They are puzzling over me and it's ok for me to check them.

It was a height rage! First of all, I know that I do not need to ride a long way into the country to get around the two broad estuaries Stour and Orwell. There are ferries. Hurray. There I escaped many pedal kilometers. Then they perform miracles!

Already, we'll go there

i this little boat. Not because I understand how to get fit with all the bags, the bikes and ourselves. I just need to keep calm and unload the bags from Fina so the vips are all on board. What team these men are!

The ferry port of Felixstowe is located in a nature reserve. There is no harbor with a dock, but the boat is only running straight on the beach that consists of small stones. There my gentlemen load all packing and all bikes.

What wonderful people these men!

We cycle further to find the next ferry crossing from Felixstowe to Bawdsey. We are all as excited about how the ferry mode will look like. The boat is even smaller than the previous one. Everything is as smooth as the previous loading and unloading. It's nice that there was something like a jetty to take it all on. The amazing three men fix everything in a nafs!

Saying thank you not enough for how you helped me but I'm all I can say. I wish you all the best.

I find Bike Road No. 1 and take me to the English countryside.

Nice and my first lunchpub.

Sometimes the road looks like this and

Here you go. There is as much traffic on both, so I do not think anyone is cycling.

Here's some bacon and bacon. They seem to be comfortable.

Here they live. Large fields are filled with their houses. It's very hot and I wonder how hot it is under the sheet?

I'm on my way to the hostel in Blaxhall. There should be about 25 km to cycle there. I manage to drive lost (passed the pigs three times) and it ends with day records on 47 km.

Does my bed at the hostel take full exhaustion.


Feel so good




Sun, warmth and Dutch countryside

Time to leave Delft and continue out in the world. I ride along the canals of the sun.

The map shows a bridge that I will cross. It turns out to be a boat that has to be turned by hand and back over the canal. The boat is stuck in a chain and weaving the chain into an iron box. The weave must be pushed firmly against the box while weaving. In the warmth. It's very heavy at the end and I lose the grip on the weave that spins back very fast. Then I almost cry. It's only to start over with the help of happy hejarop from a man fishing on the other side of the channel.

The nasty weave had to take part in the picture.

When I almost got the boat over on my side for the second time, two cycling 93-year-old ladies will take over the water! As we bump our bikes on the boat, a couple of bicycles will come and go. Then I refuse to weave more. It all ends with the fisherman and the male cyclist helping to weave, one from the boat and the fisherman from shore.

Everybody gets over on the other side and cycles on. I've got a bit to get to Hoek van Holland where the ferry to Harwich, England leaves.

The system of hubs is also available for hikers and canal trips I discover. Why do not we have such a system in Sweden? Had been top.

2 km of rakan until the ferry finished, 8 left cycling along the canal / river into Rotterdam's giant harbor. I will take the ferry departing at 22 and will sleep well in a cabin to wake up in Harwich.

Feel so good

My new love

I stroll around The Hague, a big city with traffic and hot.

Wow and Bamboo bike!

Nice on the orange carpet outside the hostel in The Hague.

Suddenly, it's just that I have to go to Delft. Leaving The Hague and Bikes. Like everything in the Netherlands, Delft is close. I was not prepared, the city hits me in total. The accommodation only has one bed available one night. Luckily maybe it's for otherwise I'd stayed there.

Vermeer painting copied where he thinks he painted it.


Uncle in the square still sells wooden slippers, perhaps most to tourists?

A Leopard Door! Wow.

Delft felt very relaxed and calm. I became very fond of the Uttrecht summer 2015 but Delft beats record. Hope my photos can give a little feel for the city.

Feel so good.



The journey goes south, but I avoid the beach. It will be The Hague next.

Road viewer shows in the wrong direction according to me but best to follow it.

It was right to trust the guide. Soon it's only the sun, the nature, the birds, Fina and I. This is fun for me.

Is it a reflection to scare the deer off the road? A deer jumped over me and ran across the road. Do not know who was most afraid of us.

Day of Pause. Here I sit and drink Coca-Cola in a fancy hotel while the boys whose Jaguars, Mercedes, Rolls-Roys are in the car park are out on the golf course.

Somewhere in Wassenar was the hotel.

The entrance to The Hague starts like this when you come by bike.

Skyline in the center.

Afternoon coffee on the hostel terrace.


Feel so good

Towards the coast

Time to get off to full-time Fina.

Yesterday's cycling feels in the body and I'm not quite comfortable with Fina yet. It takes a few miles to get there again.

The exit from Amsterdam is beautiful and I am almost almost alone on the cycle track. Nice to leave the stressful Amsterdam.

Art is never far away and sometimes in the most unexpected places.

Halvvägs towards the coast I stay in Halvweg for a glass, It becomes a Magnum with peanut butter. Gottgotteligottgott.

Down the beach is full of small cabins kilometers after kilometers. On the other side of the cycle track there are countless fast food cars and hotels, hotels, hotels. The resorts seem to be typical resorts that are overcrowded in the summer.

The wind is not fun, so I choose the bike joint in the dunes. It was a tough journey on 5-6 km. The air stood still and it was hot, very hot. There was about 1,5 L water in the half-mile. Backy was that too.

I continue to the nearest camping. It's a bit of wood and shady there and I feel that I need it after the heat of the dunes.

I have not planned for my own cooking, so in the morning there will be a gluten-free breakfast at the nearest restaurant.

A smoothie for 4 €. Not much for a cycling aunt so now I go to The Hague. A larger city with a bigger selection and a hostel where I booked 2 nights.

Feel so good