New York - MoMA

If you are in New York you have to go to the Museum of Modern Art. In any case, I. Had been able to spend many hours there. Now it became the exhibition with collections 1880 - 1950.Beautiful light in the entrance

Van Gogh, one of my favorites. Star night and olive tree.

Picasso another favorite

Piet Mondrian is another favorite whose painting Trafalgar Square was displayed.

Unfortunately, I missed who this artist is.

MoMA has a wonderful gift shop. Lucky that my budget is limited. I could have been shopping elsewhere. Hm, maybe they have an online store?



New York - Botanical Garden

The bike rider has been out there. I'm in New York. However, did not ride the bike but took the flight. It's a great week where I get very well looked after in every way possible. Many thanks to K & P for everything you did for me.

Some photos from visits to the Botanical Garden and the orchid exhibition.

Then there was a walk in the sun among daffodils.

The Hague has a second chance.

I'm coming to the Netherlands Friday morning. It is impossible to get train tickets to Fina and me for our trip to Sweden. Everything is fully booked over the weekend.

The nice wax cloth at the combined cheese shop and the cafe where I drink coffee and make up a plan for the weekend.

Vermeer's painting The girl with pearl earrings is in The Hague, I have come to know and I want to see that painting. The hostel in The Hague has a free bed until monday morning so I'm strolling away.

I had a little sad impression of The Hague last time, most stress and shopping. Lucky I rode here again for now I find another Hague. Here are also the typical canals and quiet streets.

The pearl earring girl is in Mauritshuis, a building from the 1640 century. It was originally home to the governor and the highest military in Brazil, which was one of the Dutch colonies. Mauritshuis has been an art museum since 1822.

The house is absolutely amazing. I am about to be amazed at the architecture and the murals. You have actually lived here in this environment.

Looking through the window, you see some modern art floating in the canal.

Finally, I find her, the girl with pearl earrings. Wonderful. Incredible. I understand why Vermeer is called the master of light. It is clear when you see her in reality.

I'm just sitting there enjoying myself. In the end, the guard starts to hark and hma and it starts to become a little more people in the room. I'd probably leave my place.

My own photo of the girl with pearl earring. It does not make her justice in any way, but it's my photo that I've taken all by myself.

On my way from Mauritshuis, I pass older blocks.

Just across the intersection there are some more modern buildings.

There 2017's long cycle round ends. I have cycled for 8 weeks and take the train home.

Summer is not over yet. Who knows, I might take a small trip in Denmark. Maybe it will be a hiking adventure or two somewhere. In addition, I have found some draft old posts. They are not currently timely but it's always fun with photos I think. One thing is for sure, I will write and tell you here on the blog.

Feel so good

Bicycle Lady

Hello, England, see you again.

It has stopped raining, hurray! I cycle the last miles through North York Moors to get out on the plain.

Well, where am I going then? The signage is non-existent. I'm chasing on the right.

The sun comes and goes a bit. Great for the roadway is good.

Oh! There away I've been.Looks very high like this some distance.

Art along the cycle path outside Guisborough. The cycle track would lead to Middlesborough. It did not. After about 10 km it stopped suddenly. Just looking happy and cycling back and finding another way.

I take the ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam and wave goodbye to England in the evening.

In the morning I say hi to the Netherlands.

Withby - Staithes

I say goodbye to Robin Hood's Bay and wish I'll be back sometime. Then I have booked accommodation far in advance and stay more than one night.

I continue cycling the Cleveland Heritage trail as I did since Scarborough, except when I miss the signage as at Fylingdales. The member follows the coast north to Withby.


After that, I sometimes have to get cars again and the road has almost no roads. Everything is going well the first 4 kilometers since it's the most wretched, horrible, horrific uphill I've ever had. 3,5 km long and just uphill, breathtaking upwards from about 4 meters above sea level to about 191 m above sea level! It took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to come up.

Up the hill is fantastic, but I have to concentrate on traffic. Cyclists are not popular here. The cars almost nudge me when they drive by and I get out of nature several times. Feels like the drivers take their aggressions on me.

Soon the view of an unpleasant fog and rain will be hidden. I have to be even more on my guard. I have my yellow vest over rain jacket and both front and back lights are on. Holds the thumbs that I see.

This is how it looks closer to 10 km. The only positive is that it is a bit slow down. Though it does not feel positive in the fog as speed increases. Many drivers drive as if they had beautiful weather. Afterwards, I notice that this is one of the most unfortunate roads in Yorkshire.

I'm afraid, really afraid.

Then get it up and I have a lovely downhill to Runswick Bay where I storm into a pub and ask for a room. They are nothing but the wonderful staff find a room in the next town, Staithes, at the Captain Cooks Inn pub and it's not far there. When I drank a large cup of coffee and landed in that I survived, I continued to my room.

The next morning the pub owner tells me he drove me across the hill. He offers a shot for today's rugged back and I'm getting very happy. What people there are.

Feel so good

Bicycle Lady

Robin Hood's Bay 2

Found a simplified map of the old part of Robin Hood's Bay. The street's bends do not exist, but it may give a little idea of ​​what it looks like. The parking lot above the top of the cliff is outside the map.

Am I stuck for this place or?

Feel so good

Bicycle Lady

Robin Hood's Bay

Robin Hood's Bay proved to be one of the most picturesque resorts I have ever visited. Despite the everlasting rain I am full of admiration for how the locals managed to drive in the narrow and cobbled cobbled streets with tight turns. The main street goes into a ravine down to the harbor and ends in the sea. Most houses are located along alleys where it is impossible for cars to drive. In addition, it was steep, very steep and it felt like the houses were defying gravity where they clung to the rocks. There was a bigger parking up on the cliff that visitors should use primarily for their own sake. Once upon a time it was actually forbidden to drive down the village by carriage / trailer. It was thought to be too dangerous.

Where the name Robin Hood's Bay comes from is nobody knows. A legend tells of a fuss, like troll or wetter, Robins, who sat on the rocks and looked out over the ocean. Impressions of their buttocks should have given rise to the name.

An old English show is about how Robin Hood chased away French pirates off the coast. Robin Hood gave everything he conquered from the pirates to the poor population of the village who named the resort after him. It is not even certain that Robin Hood was ever there.

On the other hand, it is proven that smuggling was something that was used to during the 1800 century. According to sayings and legends, it is full of secret tunnels in the mountain between the houses and down to the sea. At ebb when the ocean goes back, the otherwise completely non-existent beach becomes 500 m.

UChange what they are doing in this area.


Might do, bike ride

Scarborough fair

I cycle to the north east, want to the coast and Scarborough, you have to check in. The weather has typically become English with rain. I end up in Bridlington for one night and then follow the coast north.

From Scarborough it will be a real bike path and I will avoid the traffic. Most things are up to it, the North York Moors nature reserve begins here. The rain is pouring down. I think that now comes all that would have come during the sunny weather of the past few weeks. The rain does not make me anything, I'm cycling and enjoying the traffic and the beautiful nature.

Someone has a treasure hunt along the path.

I cycle under a number of such old bridges. Here is history in every corner corner. I have just read Conn Iggulden's novels about the wars of the Roses and look in front of me knight in full gallop in the woods.

Somewhere, I miss the signage of the cycling track and arrive on a paved road. I do not really know where I am. The excellent charging device for the phone / map has stopped working in the rain and the battery is on the ramp. Suddenly, it is warning for a back with 20% tilt. Uschiamej. Anyway, it's a short downhill and nice that it was a plateau halfway down. The roadway is wet. I did it! Hurray!

According to the law of everything's devil, then an uphill will come. A backdrop that is like a challenges challenge. I get up just because of reversing is not an option.

The small raised hook that finishes the curve does not look so hard on Google Maps. It's a misunderstanding, I promise.

The area is called Fylingdale, I learned afterwards. Only cyclists in the area are elite cyclists. Here is an English Tour de Francelopp and so Fina and I cycle. Riduculous. Though I went a lot.

Totally exhausted, I come to my B & B in Robin Hood's Bay.

Feel so good